Deep Drawing

What is it?
Deep drawing, also referred to as pressing, is a chipless sheet metal forming process. Deep drawing allows various shapes to be produced in metal. We’ll gladly discuss the options available for deep drawing, as well as the advantages and disadvantages with respect to metal spinning and other processing techniques.

How does it work?
Deep drawing or pressing is carried out using a hydraulic or mechanical press. A deep drawing tool (or punch) is made in the shape of the required component. This is done in-house at MD3’s tool shop. The punch is mounted in a press that then forces a sheet metal blank into the required shape in one or more stages. The punch is clamped tightly in the machine and does not rotate as is the case with spinning. The result is a hollow replica of the punch.

MD3 has mastered several deep drawing techniques including conventional deep drawing, reverse drawing, hydromechanical deep drawing and hydroforming. MD3 will gladly advice you about which processing technique is the most suitable for your product or idea.


What does this process allow you to do?
MD3 can create various shapes using deep drawing techniques, e.g. circular, square, rectangular, triangular, oval and many other forms. Examples include machine components, lids, tins, traffic signs, oblong oven trays, fuel tanks, sinks, and many other products and applications. MD3 will gladly tell you more about the many other options available with deep drawing (pressing).

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