Galvanization is a collective term for all electrochemical coating techniques whereby a product or item is electrically coated with a thin layer of metal. The most commonly used metals for this purpose are zinc, nickel, chrome, copper and tin. When someone refers to zinc coating, nickel coating, chroming, copper or tin-plating, he/she is referring to a specific form of galvanization. Galvanization is often used to prevent corrosion, to add a sheen or colour, or as decoration. Galvanization is also commonly used to improve scratch-resistance or electrical conductivity. MD3 uses a professional software application called SolidWorks to create its 3D designs and drawings. A 3D design has many advantages, as it can only be interpreted in one way as opposed to a 2D design. Three-dimensional drawings also contain a lot more detailed information and are therefore easier to comprehend. This allows decisions to be made more quickly.

MD3 can also use SolidWorks to import customer drawings and designs. We can then provide customers complimentary advice about design, dimensioning and cost-saving solutions, etc. This ultimately allows a better product to be created in a highly cost-effective fashion.

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