MD3 shapes metal!

MD3 stands for flexibility and above all service.

Best value for money, personal advice and support.

You have

an idea or product that needs to be made in metal and are you looking for a professional, reliable supplier who can make this for you?

You expect

the best value for money, personal advice and support, delivery within agreed turnaround times, flexibility and above all service.

We are

Specialist in chipless sheet metal-forming processes. Our core activities include metal spinning and deep drawing (pressing) metal products.

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    Stamping (or punching) is a metalworking process used to create one or more cut-outs in various shapes, including holes, in sheet or strip metal, or a component.
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    Deep Drawing
    Deep drawing, also referred to as pressing, is a chipless sheet metal forming process. Deep drawing allows various shapes to be produced in metal.
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    Metal Spinning
    Metal spinning is a metal-forming process for producing mainly round parts from sheet metal without loss of material. Various types of metal can be used for this process including aluminium, iron, stainless steel, copper or brass. Nowadays, even certain non-round items can be formed using spinning techniques.