MD3 specializes in Metal Spinning and Deep Drawing. Both techniques are forms of sheet metal-forming processes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The most suitable processing technique for any particular product is dependent on its design and its production volume.

MD3 has a comprehensive range of spinning and deep drawing machines. Machinery includes various automated spinning lathes that can produce components either manned or unmanned. Manned production is suitable for specials, prototypes and small production runs. However, for larger production runs, repeat orders of more than fifty items and non-stop mass production (including 100% final inspection), MD3 opts for robotic manufacturing processes. This involves far more than simply loading and unloading machines. MD3 is a leader in this field allowing it to turn out high-volume production runs in Europe on time and of course within agreed tolerances.

MD3 can provide complimentary advice about which processing technique is the most suitable for your product or idea.

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